Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moon on the Palouse

The last few mornings as I have gone to pick up my son from his job, the moon has been out and almost ready to leave the horizon. I managed to snap this photo today, just as the sun was starting to come up on the opposite horizon.


Sherry said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for showing what I've been missing.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Now we can follow Moscow Daily Photo by Irina in Moscow, Russia and Moscow Daily Photo in Idaho by YOU! May we suggest your adding the price of fuel in Moscow, Russia too? (to add to the confusion!)!

Love your design on the side that does not move when the reader scrolls down!!!!!!!!

Sherry said...

Sherry, I would be missing the 6 am wake-up calls too if I could! The sunrises ARE beautiful though...even though I would much rather be asleep!

Thanks Greensboro! Glad you like my static sidebar...I am not fond of the ones that scroll with you. Too hard on the eyes! Thanks for visiting!