Thursday, February 12, 2009

Palouse Mall and Smoky's

Down at the bottom of the Palouse Mall sign is the name of another favorite eatery of ours, Smoky Mountain Grill. Everything I have tried there has been wonderful, the atmosphere is perfect, and the service is exceptional. In fact each time I go, I now request the same waiter because Joe is just an amazing person, really makes you feel welcome, never misses refilling your drink and making sure you are happy with your meal.


Antjas said...

I hope that all those names stay on the marquee and don't go out of business. Isn't it nice to find a restaurant you really like. My husband and I had fallen in love with the bacon avacado burger at Ruby Tuesdays. Next thing you know, it went out of business in our area.

Sherry said...

Oh, don't you hate that? I don't think I have ever had the bacon avocado burger at Ruby Tuesdays, but it sounds delicious!