Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mc fast food

I saw these signs in the window of McDonalds in Pullman, and thought the effect was interesting with the reflection. I don't really care much for McNuggets, but the iced coffee has become one of my favorites. In the new year, I will be limiting these to an occasional treat!


Vicki said...

I looove the hazelnut iced coffee there, and it doesn't caffeinate me like Starbucks does.

Sherry said...

Ohhhh that's my fav too! I had them add in a squirt of vanilla last time too and it was delicious...try a combo next time! :) Yep, no caffeine buzz for me either, but that's ok cause mine are all psychological anyway. ;)

Besides which I find Starbucks coffee too bitter...I think they burn their beans and have never understood all the hype surrounding their coffee. :P