Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Clearwater

On Hwy 95 just to the east of Lewiston, you will pass over the Clearwater River. This area is about 2500 feet lower than Moscow and 40 miles south, so the temperature differences can be dramatic. When Moscow is a chilly 40º it can be a balmy 60º here at the river. They rarely get snow...last year we got 4 feet! The fishing is what this river is known for however, Steelhead especially!


Jana said...

Very pretty! Is Lewiston the town that is at the bottom of that INSANE highway that is so steep it completely freaks you out?! We went to Moscow a few years ago and we drove up the grade at night, and it wasn't too bad. On our way home it was early morning and I was freakin out driving down that thing.

Sherry said...

hahaha...yep, that would be the one! The grade is 9% for 7 miles, so it's a long one. The only time it ever worries me is when it is icy or snowing. My husband drives it daily to work. In the spring and summer, the old spiral highway is VERY fun on a motorcycle...the grade is considered the safest of the two ways down. :)

Greg said...

I like the contrast of the blue water and the brown hills. It could so easily be a scene from around here