Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smooth and rough

During our walk at the UI Arboretum, I came upon this Birch tree. I have never been lucky enough to have one in my yard, but they have the most unusual bark, don't they? The bark is almost translucent and looks like it has a layer of ice crystals on it's trunk.


Gwyn said...

Welcome to the City Daily Photo Community!
I look forward to seeing more of Moscow and the Palouse area. We visit Lewiston and your area about every two years. In fact, we were just down in August. We took our kids to Silverwood and played tourists.
Have a wonderful evening! Keep up the great work on your blog.:)

babooshka said...

A big welcome. This is such an interesting image of opposing textures.

Sherry said...

Gwyn, next time you are down we should have a meet! We haven't been to Silverwood in a few years...love the wood rollercoaster though!

Thank you both for your comments! I too love the textures of this photo babooshka. :)